Mondo is celabrating LAIKA Animation Studios with releases of CORALINE & PARANORMAN soundtracks on deluxe limited edition vinyl.



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Scans from my drawing anthology: DISCOVERY OF WOW

(and also pictures that I’ve been uploading on instagram!)

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The artists over at Pictoplasma academy are producing some pretty amazing stuff.

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The first 3 pages of Belleville Story by Vincent Perriot

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The Sea Also Rises Series (Click for titles) by Tim Doyle / Tumblr / Store

S/N limited edition screen prints. 20” X 30” on the first image and 24” X 36” on the rest. Available HERE.

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How to draw folds

Notes on how to draw folds back when I was teaching manga classes back in 2006. From the book “Drawing people” by Barbara Bradley.

This book has a very detailed description of 6 types of commonly seen folds and I think is one of the most educational resource on how to draw folds(Besides Vilppu and Bridgeman).



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Perspective Grid 101!

I’ve had a few people ask me about perspective, so I figured it was time I just did one of these tutorials and did a step by step.

I hope it makes sense to people!

A couple of notes on this -

1. There are a number of different ways to make grids. This is what I do, and it works for me. I have found this to personally be the easiest method, however if something else works better for you, use it!

2. This tutorial is designed for people who work traditionally. If you do your drawing in photoshop or manga studio, there are many quicker and more effective ways to make grids. I do all of my drawing on paper, and so this method is very useful for me.

3. Despite the appearance, this is actually really fast once you get the hang of it. Yes, it’s still faster in photoshop, but I can easily make a good grid on my page in less that 5 minutes, often under 2. The more you practice and understand the basic concept, you’ll figure out ways other ways to use it, and it will become like second nature. When I first started it often took me 20 minutes or more.

4. Feel free to share this, if you want to use it elsewhere, ask me first! If I can help people make better comics, I’m all for it!

This Tutorial ©ErykDonovan

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